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Sake tasting dinner

When we first met Andre a while ago we were impressed by his knowledge and breadth of experience with nihonshu. We're excited to have this event at Tsunami so that the fine peoples of Perth (and Rockingham where he was born and raised) to hear him speak.

Here below is the press release. Enjoy.


This March Australia’s official Sake Ambassador, Melbourne based Andre Bishop, will be speaking at a special sake matching dinner to be held at Tsunami in Mosman Park.

Having been honoured with the title of Sake Samurai, by the Japanese Sake & Shochu Manufacturers Association, Andre Bishop has spent the past 17 years educating Australians about sake and is recognised as a pioneer in the development of the sake market in this country.

Tsunami’s team of talented chefs headed by industry veteran Tetsuya Sakamoto will present you with a five course degustation menu accompanied by Andre Bishop’s carefully matched high quality Japanese sake from the portfolio of SuperSake Australia.

• Date: 9th March
• Time: start from 6:30pm
• Price: $95pp including matching sake (NO adjusting price for non-drinkers) Please note no special discount can be used for this special event.
For bookings and inquiries , please call 92847788 after 4pm or sms 0422780661. 

About Andre Bishop

With fifteen years of experience promoting sake and Japanese beverages, Andre Bishop is recognised as Australia’s leading authority on sake. He is a well-respected authority and educator who shares his passion for sake with others with the vision to encourage more Australians to discover the joys of sake and Japanese culture in general.

His first venue Robot, a Japanese style bar and café quickly became an icon in the Melbourne boutique bar scene and was instrumental in the early vision of bringing sake out of the confines of the Japanese restaurant in Australia and introducing it to the broader drinking public.

In 2005 Andre co-opened Golden Monkey, a distinguished cocktail bar in the heart of Melbourne’s Hardware lane dinning precinct. Within its first year Golden Monkey set the standard for modern bars

As a further commitment to the promotion of sake Andre opened Nihonshu in 2008, Australia’s first dedicated sake and shochu bar offering a diverse selection of sake including nihonshu, shochu, umeshu, yuzushu, awamori and boutique Japanese beers.

Drawing from his study of sake in Tokyo, Japan, Andre is currently the only Australian to hold Level 2 Sake Professional Certification awarded by the Sake Education Council in Tokyo, Japan. Andre regularly travels to Japan and has visited many sake breweries and even worked in one for a season to improve his understanding of sake and its production.

Recognised by the industry and peers as an expert in Japanese culture and dining Andre Bishop was invited by the Melbourne International Food & Wine Festival to sold-out Sake Tasting Events at the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 festivals.

Most recently Andre has opened the multi ward winning Izakaya and Sake Bar Kumo, as a showcase venue with one of the largest sake lists in Australia. He also created his sake education and consulting business, Sakemaster.com.au. He has also been interviewed by NHK TV World for a story on the rising popularity of sake and Izakaya in Australia that was aired in Japan, February 2011

In February 2015, Andre was featured in a 10 minute special on sake growth in Australia for TV TOKYO’s Zipangu business feature. It was the highest rating segment of the 1 hour special.

In August 2013, Andre was inaugurated as a Sake Samurai in Kyoto, Japan. This prestigious title has only been bestowed to a handful of non-Japanese sake experts around the world and is the highest honour awarded by the Japanese sake industry.

What's new?

We're adding blog posts. That's what's new.

Also what's new are the following.

1) We just imported a great new line of sake from Japan. New shuzos include Katsuyama, Eikoo and Kinmon. This means we have the largest range of sake in Perth. How big is that? For example it is 9 times greater than Nobu located at Crown Casino. All in all there are over 60 different sake (nihonshu to be exact), plum wine, fruit liqueurs, shochu, Japanese beer (we import our own from Japan so we know that it is fresh and that it has 'Japanese water' i.e. it is not made under license in Thailand, China, Philippines or the UK). 

2) We are able to sell Japanese whisky to you to take home. Whole bottles etc. There is a special now (at time of writing 17/8/16) on Kirin Fujisanroku Tarajuku 700ml Japanese whisky for $99.99. Also on all sake there is a 20% discount for takeaway. So if you like a sake that you had at Tsunami Ko then you can take it home with you in the form of a bottle.

3) Parties are getting very popular now. We have made a special offer for those of you who have a large group (12+) and want to take the hassle out of ordering. Currently we have a package that will let you choose from any menu (e.g. chicken and steak, steak, steak & seafood) except the seafood only and have a bulk charge of $55 per person. That means that you can collect $55 in advance from all your guests and avoid collecting money at the end of the night and being stung with an extra amount of money at the end (that's why we don't accept individual payments - people forget they ordered something and it comes to the person at the end for them to pay the bill). As for drinks, we still have to make one big bill at the end but we're working on a solution.

4) Nama (unpasteurised) sake is popular right now. We are one of the few restaurants in perth to stock it as it needs to be stored at 5°C or lower. The taste is vibrant and fresh and unlike any other types of sake that most people have drunk. We recommend it greatly.

Anyway that's enough for now. We hope to add to these blogs in the future. We hope to see you soon. We think if you need a teppanyaki restaurant in Perth , we are the best choice. And we have the best sake list in Perth. Even if we say so ourself. :-)


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