tsunami ko

ring / sms 0422780661 to book. (Say "book for Ko"). Tues – Sun from 6pm (no entertainment card taken).

Party event or function in our teppanyaki room

At our teppanyaki room we can cater for small groups and parties. You are able to reserve the whole room for your function group or party. Indeed it is great for birthday parties. The chef can devote his attention to you. 

It's a great fun evening for all. The chefs are skilled in the teppanyaki tricks like you may have seen on YouTube. They have spatula shows, onion volcanoes (available on request) and egg tossing where the toss eggs into the air and catch them with a spatula. 

For the group we suggest you order one or two large bottles of nihonshu (sake) which can then be shared across the whole table.

We also some some great Japanese craft brews including the famous Yamaguchi Narutaki Kogen beer from yamaguchi. It is a multiple award winning beer, i.e. the Belgian competition 'Monde Selection'. All of the types won awards and the stout was awarded gold status.

In short when you are thinking of where next to have your office party, birthday party or any kind of function please consider Tsunami in Mosman Park. If you're interested SMS / text us now on 0422780661 and we can talk to you about your special event. 

Cheers and see you soon. :-) 

Teppanyaki Perth - to book sms @ 0422 780 661