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What's new?

We're adding blog posts. That's what's new.

Also what's new are the following.

1) We just imported a great new line of sake from Japan. New shuzos include Katsuyama, Eikoo and Kinmon. This means we have the largest range of sake in Perth. How big is that? For example it is 9 times greater than Nobu located at Crown Casino. All in all there are over 60 different sake (nihonshu to be exact), plum wine, fruit liqueurs, shochu, Japanese beer (we import our own from Japan so we know that it is fresh and that it has 'Japanese water' i.e. it is not made under license in Thailand, China, Philippines or the UK). 

2) We are able to sell Japanese whisky to you to take home. Whole bottles etc. There is a special now (at time of writing 17/8/16) on Kirin Fujisanroku Tarajuku 700ml Japanese whisky for $99.99. Also on all sake there is a 20% discount for takeaway. So if you like a sake that you had at Tsunami Ko then you can take it home with you in the form of a bottle.

3) Parties are getting very popular now. We have made a special offer for those of you who have a large group (12+) and want to take the hassle out of ordering. Currently we have a package that will let you choose from any menu (e.g. chicken and steak, steak, steak & seafood) except the seafood only and have a bulk charge of $55 per person. That means that you can collect $55 in advance from all your guests and avoid collecting money at the end of the night and being stung with an extra amount of money at the end (that's why we don't accept individual payments - people forget they ordered something and it comes to the person at the end for them to pay the bill). As for drinks, we still have to make one big bill at the end but we're working on a solution.

4) Nama (unpasteurised) sake is popular right now. We are one of the few restaurants in perth to stock it as it needs to be stored at 5°C or lower. The taste is vibrant and fresh and unlike any other types of sake that most people have drunk. We recommend it greatly.

Anyway that's enough for now. We hope to add to these blogs in the future. We hope to see you soon. We think if you need a teppanyaki restaurant in Perth , we are the best choice. And we have the best sake list in Perth. Even if we say so ourself. :-)


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