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June 2019 Sake Festival at Tsunami

Date: Saturday & Sunday, June 15 & 16. From 12 – 5pm
Where: On grounds of Tsunami, 18 Glyde street Mosman Park
Transport: 100m from Mosman Park train, park on Ecclesbourne st.

FREE ENTRY, $15 for on-line bookings. This gives 10 tastes of sake or plum wine plus a ceramic sake cup to use for tasting. $20 on the day of event. $30 for beer tasting ticket of 8 x 100ml tastes. New this year, Baeren chocolate (3 types) beers plus others from Iwate.

Perth Sake festival at Tsunami

Perth Sake festival at Tsunami

Largest sake festival in Perth

$5 food plates — delicious Japanese sake matsuri food.

Sample over 50 different types of beverages from all over Japan including sake, plum wines and Japanese craft beer. Ask questions from experienced sake professionals.

All sake, plum wine, shochu, beer, cider available for purchase and take home each day. 

Tsunami’s chefs have designed a sake matsuri menu with specials from $5 on including sushi rolls, teriyaki chicken bao buns and more.

Taste from many and what you like buy to take home."
Also if you want to taste and buy fully imported Japanese beer in Perth, (i.e. made in Japan etc), then come buy Yamaguchi beer from Yamaguchi prefecture in southern Japan, or Baeren Japanese craft beer from Iwate in the north. New this year, chocolate beers, yuzu wit and more.

Entry is free but if you want to sample what’s on offer you will need to purchase a ticket. If you are bringing a 'driver' then they don't have to pay to get in. And there is food and soft drink for them to enjoy there.

Japanese lady at the sake matsuri festival

How it works

When you go to the booking page for the particular day you want to attend (Saturday or Sunday) you will be given a choice of tasting cards to purchase. Since this is primarily a sake (or more correctly ‘nihonshu’) event we hope you will purchase a sake tasting card. This gives you up to 10 tastes of around 10-15mls each.

But we know that if you are coming with friends they may not share your good taste in Japanese beverages so this year for the first time we have expanded our range to include Japanese craft beer and cider and shochu. We will also have Japanese whisky tasting cards.

So when you go to the bookings page please choose between the tickets for sake (nihonshu) or Japanese craft beer.

We are excited regarding the craft beer because we will be introducing 3 different chocolate based beers from Baeren including a vintage chocolate beer which can be aged.

Go for it

So that’s it. Why not make a booking now? Click on either of the links and make a booking today.




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6:30 PM18:30

Meet the Sake Maker - Sake pairing dinner


Hourai Sake Master, Cody with Tsunami
18 Glyde Street, Mosman Park
6th June 2019, 6:30pm
Hourai sake tasters alongside a 6 Course dinner.

Tsunami Presents: Cody, the sake maker from Watanabe Sake Brewery in Gifu Prefecture will be joining us for our Sake pairing degustation event.

Meet the Sake Master, Cody, one of very few sake brewer, known as 'Kurabito' that speaks English and has a wealth of experience and knowledge of brewing sake. Learn about his journey making sake, the skills and effort behind every bottle and taste the variety that Sake has to offer. His stories behind the brewery will give all our guests a deeper level of understanding the process of making sake.

We are showcasing the range of Hourai Sake from Watanabe Sake Brewery to be paired alongside a degustation. Discover your favourites and purchase a pack to take home with you.

LIMITED SEATS are available for this event (50), please book now to avoid disappointment.
Tickets are $120

If you book separately with friends or a group, please let us know, so we can seat you alongside each other.

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12:00 PM12:00

Japanese craft beer & whisky festival March 2019

Japanese craft beer & whisky festival March 2019

Sampling Yamaguchi beer

Sampling Yamaguchi beer

Heard about Japanese Craft Beer & Whisky and interested to find out more about it? The Japanese Craft Beer & Whisky festival March 2019 is a great place to start.

Situated on the grounds of Tsunami Mosman Park, this event will also offer the opportunity to sample and purchase not only fine Craft Beers but also Whisky, Craft Gin, and new this year shochu from all from Japan from the northern prefecture of Iwate on Honshu island, to Kagoshima on the extreme south of Kyushu island.

For the Craft Beer lovers

These beers are true craft beers from small breweries (not mass produced under license in China, Thailand, Phillipines or even Australia. They all contain 'Japanese water' and are made by dedicated teams of under 10 people). 

$30 Entry fee includes a tasting card entitling you to enjoy 8 x 100ml samples ranging from Classic, Alt, Stout, IPA all the way to special flavoured yuzu beers.


Cider lovers are in for a teat as we are unveiling the first Japanese cider to be imported into Australia, the Baeren Dry Apple cider, together with its sister drink, the ‘Perry’ (pear cider). These are all made with local village fruit and there are no flavourings, colourings or even water added.

For the Craft Spirit lovers - 
$40 Entry fee includes a tasting card entitling you to enjoy 5 x 15ml samples of Whisky and Gins. We have a new range of kitty local store little known whiskies that you might have seen on travels to Japan but never got to try along with the more mainstream Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku, Nikka Single Malt Miyagikyo & Yoichi, Suntory The Chita.

For gin lovers we have Okayama Craft Gin (Silver award winner and winner of best Japanese craft gin in Melbourne International Spirits award 2018) and others.

For those who are interested there will be a range of plum wine and yuzushu (Japanese lemon flavoured alcoholic drinks) available on the day for tasting and/or takeaway.

New! Shochu Tasting.

This year for the first time we have a $20 tasting card for those who want to explore the upcoming world of shochu. There are 5 tastes with varieties including mugi (buckwheat), Kobe (rice) along with 3 different types of imo (sweet potato) held by many as the best type of shochu.

The Tsunami chefs will offer a range of foods to match your drinks with all mostly $10 so they won't break the bank. 

All products sampled at the event will be on sale to take home at special show prices for the day.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes. You must be of legal age to purchase tasting tickets. But children may attend the event with their parents - there is food and soft drink available.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is ample street parking. We strongly advise if you are going to drink that you catch the train (we are 100m from Mosman Park train station) or use Uber or Taxi.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email info.supersake@gmail.com with any questions.

What if I want to purchase tasting tickets in advance?

Please go to this page for further info.

Can I buy food at the event? How much will it cost?

There will be food plates priced at $10, cooked on site by Tsunami's chefs. Please buy your $10 & $5 vouchers at the cashier and give them to the chefs when you order the food. 

Anything else special?

We will have a live videolink to the brewers in Japan. You can talk to them and ask questions. Our staff will translate for you.

We hope you can make it. Look forward to seeing you there.

Yamaguchi Beer head brewer

Yamaguchi Beer head brewer

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