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June 2019 Sake Festival at Tsunami

Date: Saturday & Sunday, June 15 & 16. From 12 – 5pm
Where: On grounds of Tsunami, 18 Glyde street Mosman Park
Transport: 100m from Mosman Park train, park on Ecclesbourne st.

FREE ENTRY, $15 for on-line bookings. This gives 10 tastes of sake or plum wine plus a ceramic sake cup to use for tasting. $20 on the day of event. $30 for beer tasting ticket of 8 x 100ml tastes. New this year, Baeren chocolate (3 types) beers plus others from Iwate.

Perth Sake festival at Tsunami

Perth Sake festival at Tsunami

Largest sake festival in Perth

$5 food plates — delicious Japanese sake matsuri food.

Sample over 50 different types of beverages from all over Japan including sake, plum wines and Japanese craft beer. Ask questions from experienced sake professionals.

All sake, plum wine, shochu, beer, cider available for purchase and take home each day. 

Tsunami’s chefs have designed a sake matsuri menu with specials from $5 on including sushi rolls, teriyaki chicken bao buns and more.

Taste from many and what you like buy to take home."
Also if you want to taste and buy fully imported Japanese beer in Perth, (i.e. made in Japan etc), then come buy Yamaguchi beer from Yamaguchi prefecture in southern Japan, or Baeren Japanese craft beer from Iwate in the north. New this year, chocolate beers, yuzu wit and more.

Entry is free but if you want to sample what’s on offer you will need to purchase a ticket. If you are bringing a 'driver' then they don't have to pay to get in. And there is food and soft drink for them to enjoy there.

Japanese lady at the sake matsuri festival

How it works

When you go to the booking page for the particular day you want to attend (Saturday or Sunday) you will be given a choice of tasting cards to purchase. Since this is primarily a sake (or more correctly ‘nihonshu’) event we hope you will purchase a sake tasting card. This gives you up to 10 tastes of around 10-15mls each.

But we know that if you are coming with friends they may not share your good taste in Japanese beverages so this year for the first time we have expanded our range to include Japanese craft beer and cider and shochu. We will also have Japanese whisky tasting cards.

So when you go to the bookings page please choose between the tickets for sake (nihonshu) or Japanese craft beer.

We are excited regarding the craft beer because we will be introducing 3 different chocolate based beers from Baeren including a vintage chocolate beer which can be aged.

Go for it

So that’s it. Why not make a booking now? Click on either of the links and make a booking today.




Teppanyaki Perth - to book sms @ 0422 780 661