tsunami ko

ring / sms 0422780661 to book. (Say "book for Ko"). Tues – Sun from 6pm (no entertainment card taken).


From the Tempura, Charcoal & Sushi Bar


Tasting plate
Small sashimi
Charcoal grilled pork belly and twice cooked lamb ribs
Scallop, prawn and crispy prawn head
Wagyu beef and fried rice
(or fish of the day)

Deluxe Omakase

Deluxe Tasting plate
Sushi or Sashimi plate
Charcoal grilled pork belly and twice cooked lamb ribs
Fish of the day
Wagyu beef and fried rice

For omakase dinners we require 24 hours  notice (we may be able to if informed by 3pm on the day but we cannot guarantee it) and $50 deposit (refunded at time of paying bill),  For emergency late bookings try sms or ring 0422780661 (if before 4pm do not leave a message - if someone doesn't pick up try after 4pm).

***** Please note : 1) We do not take the Entertainment Card (Tsunami next door does). 2) For large groups on a Saturday night we have 2 sittings, 6pm and 8:15. If you try to book for 7:30 (or even 6:30) you will be unable to. But if 6pm or 8:15pm you will be able to (unless it is booked out).

Due to the large number of cancellations without notice on Saturday night we have had to take deposits for bookings on these nights. We regret having to do so but hope our regular patrons will understand our need to. We had many Saturday nights with half of Ko empty – and during the week nobody could book because it was ‘full’. All deposits are credited against the bill at the end of the night.

Beverage hourly packages from Tsunami are not available at Tsunami Ko. Drinks are charged by consumption for parties etc.

Teppanyaki Perth - to book sms @ 0422 780 661