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ring / sms 0422780661 to book. Tues – Sun from 6pm (no entertainment card taken)

6:00 PM18:00

Sake Matching Dinner

Head Chef Tetsuya Sakamoto

Like sake and want to know more? Chef Tetsuya has created a 6 course meal and our resident SSI certified sake Sommelier Ai Tsujino will match each course with a particular sake guiding diners through a journey of traditional Japanese cuisine and beverages. She will also answer any questions about sake on the night. Limited seats available so please book early.

If its booked out then sms us on 0422780661 and give us your email and mention ‘sake dinner’. We will contact you about our next sake dinner.

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6:30 PM18:30

Monthly sake tasting at Tsunami Ko

  A large range to purchase after the tasting is on the back wall

A large range to purchase after the tasting is on the back wall

Every first Wednesday of the month we have a sake tasting at Tsunami Ko. There are generally 4 sakes plus some nibbles and the cost is $20. One of our staff will give a short talk about sake in general and will discuss the sakes in the tasting. Usually there is a theme, e.g. nama vs non-nana or sake regionality etc. 

To buy a ticket please click on the link below. It's a great and inexpensive way to learn about nihonshu (sake) if you are interested. And after the tasting you can move into Tsunami next door for a meal or even have a meal at Tsunami Ko if you so desire.

Also should you like what you taste you can buy a bottle or two to take home (Tsunami Ko has an 'liquor store' license) at a 20% discount to the restaurant price.


(Please check 'sake dinner' option)

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to book sms @ 0422 780 661